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Employees signed up to Map My Future can:

  • Explore the different routes to progress at work and access job and training information
  • Create their own career plan with relevant development suggestions to help them
  • Manage learning tasks and keep track of their success via the personalised homepage
  • Drive their own development with learning on the go that can be accessed any time of day and includes animated learning modules, video content and online articles
  • View the company’s training calendar and sign up to upcoming training events
  • Make and share their own training videos with colleagues using the video production tool
  • Connect with trained Career Coaches who will support and inspire them on their journey
  • Keep up to date via the mobile-friendly newsfeed and instant messaging features


Map My Future clearly also has huge benefits for employers:

  • A career pathways map that can be adapted to show career routes in any company
  • Empowered employees who can take control of their own development, with the support of experienced career coaches, taking pressure off busy managers and trainers
  • Open access to training materials for employees so they can learn at any time of day, at their own leisure and pace
  • A messaging and newsfeed function that allows employers to communicate directly with hard-to-reach employees, whatever job they’re in
  • A cost-saving module builder that allows employers to generate their own online content, in order to save thousands on classroom training and off-the-shelf solutions
  • Access to valuable people management information via automated reports
  • Motivated and engaged employees who can clearly see the company’s investment in their personal development and careers
  • Maximise on all these benefits to improve your retention rates, reduce recruitment costs and drive your talent management strategy.