Partners and Friends

‘Map My Future’ was established by Rocco Forte Hotels, as a result of a competition set up by the UK Commission for Employment and Skills (UKCES). The competition invited hospitality and retail companies to present ideas for company projects and apply for funding. The funding was awarded to the projects that best demonstrated how their idea would benefit employees by supporting career progression and addressing skills gaps.

We’re working in partnership with leading industry charity, People 1st and corporate catering company, Artizian, whose input has allowed us to identify the common needs of employers and employees across hospitality and retail.

People 1st  also created the desktop Career Map tool that has been adapted for use on the app, which can be made bespoke to any company that wishes to share internal career pathways and training opportunities with their employees.



Our Career Map has already proven to be highly beneficial in demonstrating the excellent career pathways available and aiding career planning. We are particularly delighted to be working with Rocco Forte Hotels to make it even more accessible via a mobile app – a particularly important development given the growth of smartphone and tablet use.

Simon Tarr – Chief Executive of People 1st


Team players are Artizian’s greatest asset, which is why, when we were approached to become a partner in the development of the Map My Future app, which would revolutionise the way we communicate and engage team players in training, I didn’t have to think about it – the answer was instant ‘YES…absolutely!’. It is so clear how smartphones are not only pivotal but also integral to everyone’s lives – even those who remember a life without them! Being able to use this platform for improving team player engagement is not only a must but in the next 5 years, will become an expectation.

At Artizian the interactive app, with 80% learning and 20% communication, will enable agile communication channels so all our team players are kept current with company announcements, opportunities and what happens at other sites. More importantly  they will be able to choose a career path and interact with a career coach who will help steer them along their chosen path – development and progression will be in their control, and from an administrative perspective, training records will be automatically updated after the successful completion of any training modules.

The exciting part is that to retain interest the training will consist of a number of different styles including video, and team players will be able access these out of working hours should they choose to – without time constraints, so they can learn at their own pace. Will face to face training still have a part to play….. of course, but Map My Future will enable team players to work towards a new career path knowing exactly what they have to do to get there and be truly ready for their next move.

I love seeing team players progress and with many success stories already, Map My Future will take things to yet another level – I can’t wait!

Alison Frith – Founder and Managing Director of  Artizian


We partnered with Map My Future to develop smartphone learning to support their people development strategy. We are noticing increasing demand for e-learning solutions like this, and Map My Future is very much ahead of the curve.

Aoife Keane – Head of Business Psychology at The School of Life